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The Hydroheel/Seraph Skin Story

Lindsey Rietzsch is the inventor of Hydroheel, an As Seen on TV product. You can read more about her story below as well as in her book, Successful Failures                    

With all the responsibilities that Lindsey juggles, she is no stranger to being on her feet all day. For years Lindsey battled sore, dry feet and found it difficult to put forth time and effort into weekly pedicures and nightly treatments. After a hopeless visit to the podiatrist and several experents with creams, scrubs, and foot files later, she was ready to give up on ever finding a solution.  

                                       A Prayer Answered

One day Lindsey realized there was one expert she had failed to contact about this matter. He would surely have the answer! That night while petitioning this expert she included in her prayers, an inquiry as to how her feet could be healed – knowing it would take some kind of miracle. Trusting that through her faith her feet would be healed she went to bed reassured that all would be well.

In the morning when Lindsey awoke she fully expected to discover a brand new set of feet! Overflowing with anticipation, she slowly peeled back the sheets.  To her dismay she found her feet just as dry and cracked as the night before. Feeling a little discouraged, she realized some miracles take time. Maybe the product she would be guided to hadn’t even been invented yet. That was it! Right in that moment Lindsey saw the solution. The formula and ingredients came flowing into her mind along with an image of how it would work. She saw a foot, containing the ointment, inside of a plastic sock with an elastic opening.  She knew this divine inspiration was her answer!

That day she gathered the ingredients, formulated them and created a prototype for her sock. Confident this would work, she put the product on her feet. Happy with the fact that this treatment allowed her mobility she began to vacuum the house and clean the kitchen. After 30 minutes she decided to check on her feet and to her amazement they were unrecognizable! She shared the good news with her husband that night and he was amazed as well.

From Prototype to Retail

Over the next year Lindsey never thought to mention it to anyone else. Her feet had been transformed, problem solved – life was great! One night her husband suggested that she share this treatment with other people. After all, she couldn’t have been the only person in the world who had suffered from dry feet. So, Lindsey began making it for her friends and family. As word quickly spread about the “Miracle Ointment” Lindsey began to receive orders. She contracted a manufacturer for her patent pending socks and began making several batches of ointments right in her kitchen. Within 30 days of making her first batch, Hydroheel was already in 12 Utah retail stores. Spas, salons, running stores, hospitals, gift shops and wellness centers alike were carrying Lindsey’s product.

The Golden Moment

Reflecting on this experience Lindsey says, “I would walk in to spas and salons (often without an appointment ) and offer to do live demonstrations on anyone who had dry feet.  By the end of the demonstration the managers would place an order every time. The results spoke for themselves.

I’ll never forget the day I stopped by a very high end spa/plastic surgery clinic that serviced Northern Utah’s elite. I thought to myself, ‘If I can get hydroheel into this spa then I will gain the credibility I need to grow my business.’ I walked in and asked for the manager. When she came out and looked at me I could see in her eyes that she was already planning to shoot me down. After introducing myself and telling her about my product, she said, ‘It’s cute and clever what you are trying to do, but we typically don’t carry homemade products here. We order the best in the business because we have a reputation to maintain.’ I asked her if she already had a product that transformed dry feet and she said that’s what her pedicures were for. I then told her that hydroheel was a great way for her customers to maintain their pedicure results in between their appointments. She looked skeptical but then said,

‘Tell you what. I have a lady that has been coming to me for 30 years. She has the worst feet I have ever seen. Nothing I have tried has helped her feet the least. Leave me one of these kits and I’ll send it home with her on her next appointment. If she comes back with transformed feet, I’ll put in an order the same day.’

That seemed fair, so I left her with a kit – not knowing if she would really give this kit to her client or if I would ever hear from her again. Four weeks later to my surprise I received a phone call from this very manager, ‘ really is a miracle! I could not believe it when I saw Jeneane’s feet. I’m ready to order.’

After that I began taking hydroheel to women’s expos and trade shows. I set up a booth and lined the front of it with barstools. I offered free treatments with a foot rub to anyone who wanted to try it. Who doesn’t want a free foot rub especially after being on their feet all day at an expo? We had a constant line and crowd in front of our booth all day each day. The live before and after demos were perfect for advertising because they were real and they were genuine. I remember wishing that I had a camera there to film it. As these women marveled at how their feet looked in front of the crowd of bystanders it was priceless. Every person who sat in that chair and had a treatment done, purchased a kit. We sold out of product at every show. It was incredible!”

So incredible, that Hydroheel sparked the attention of Season 1 ABC's Shark Tank investor, Kevin Harrington. Who partnered 50/50 with Lindsey on one of the first ever "newesmercials"of its day,  helping bring her product to the national scene. 

Later, Hydroheel would go on to win first place in a nationwide inventor's contest, striking Lindsey a licensing deal with H2 International and bringing Hydroheel to the global scene.

What Science Said

The unique factor about the hydroheel story is the fact that Lindsey had done it all backwards. Rather than exploring, studying, researching and testing to find a formula that would work, she found the formula that worked and later tested, studied and researched as to how and why it worked so well.
“I remember being invited to teach a class at a large cosmetology school in Utah County. After the class was over, one of the instructors came up to me and said, ‘Do you realize you have created the blue ribbon formula?’  As I looked at her a bit puzzled she continued,‘Skin care is my background, my career and my life. If I were asked to created a perfect formula for healing dry skin these ingredients would be my choice! How did you know?’
Science had always known, but I hadn’t.  This was another confirmation that hydroheel was truly amazing!”

Not only was Hydroheel a great product for dry feet, but it also transformed dry lips, hands, knees, elbows, and eczema. 

A Business is Born

 Lindsey had created and designed the first ever elastic, disposable, plastic (PE) sock. Working as one with her signature formula, it is a treatment system that dramatically revolutionized the skin care industry - enabling customers to run errands while getting an amazing pedicure treatment at the same time! 

Soon, Lindsey learned that fans weren’t just using her product for their feet – they were experiencing transformation from head to toe. Testimonials of wrinkles fading, eczema disappearing, scars healing, rashes clearing, blisters and calluses being alleviated, foot fungus subsiding, chapped lips and weathered hands being instantly restored, and even cuticles being fortified – were daily reminders that this formula was of divine origins. 

As testimonials continued to pour in, inspiration led Lindsey to re-brand her formula as an overall skin care treatment. This allowed her to develop separate product lines in which she could take the same amazing formula and tailor it for a variety of skin conditions. As she no longer held the rights to the original brand and business, Lindsey knew that this undertaking would require her to start again from the ground up. She knew from experience that no other company, partner or investor could match her passion, vision, and drive.  Even if it meant starting small, Lindsey was happy to again be at the forefront of her original vision, and very excited to get to work. That's how Seraph Skin was born!

It is Lindsey's pleasure to share these amazing products directly with you the consumer. We use all-natural oils and ingredients in our formulas. Each product is packaged with love and quality approved by Lindsey herself. It’s our hope that Seraph Skin will not only improve your skin, but more importantly improve your life. After all, everyone should love their skin! 
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